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The USS Kittiwake is a ex-US Navy ship that was purposely sunk off Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, on the 5th January 2011.

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This vessel was sunk in order to create a world-class dive site. Thousands of excited visitors snorkel and dive (mainly dive) this site every year, and it has become one of Cayman’s top attractions.

The Kittiwake Grand Cayman is 251 feet long and has a beam of 42 feet. This allows for a very unique diving experience. It is rare to be able to dive such a large shipwreck, let alone one is such crystal-clear conditions. The ocean visibility is amazing due to the topography of the surrounding area.

There are many rooms that you can dive through, such as the decompression chambers and the engine room. This is a unique experience in the sense that the area is stable enough to be able to dive through.

There is a large array of fish that inhabit this wreck. Schools of jacks patrol the perimeter. Eels hide among the interior sections. If you are lucky, you will see a nurse shark. Loin fish are kept under control from divers who cull them for environmental reasons.

The Kittiwake wreck in Grand Cayman was originally designed as a US Navy supply ship. It was built in Georgia on the 10th July 1945. She was stationed in the Atlantic during the 1950’s as a way to serve “silent ships”.

Grand Cayman Kittiwake is in the state it is due to it being decommissioned in 1994. The vessel collided with the submarine USS Bergall in 1984, due to a mechanical issue; this is the reason for the decommissioning.

Kittiwake dive Grand Cayman is a reality due to the Cayman Islands government purchasing the vessel in 2004. However, it took until 2011 for the vessel to actually be sunk off of Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman. Today, this is the most popular dive site in the Cayman Islands, and is a must do when visiting.