Things To Do Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman

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Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach is the most popular beach in the Cayman Islands. Located on the West side of Grand Cayman, this is where 90% of overnight tourists stay since this is where the majority of resorts and condos are located. This article will discuss the top things to do on 7 mile beach.

Water Sports

There are many different types of water sports to try. Paddle boarding on Seven Mile Beach is probably the most popular since it is easy and fun. You can get paddle boards delivered at great rates with George’s WaterSports, where friendly customer service is guaranteed. Seven Mile Beach is the most scenic place to go paddle boarding because of the calm water and lots of sand. You can easily paddle from the shore because the beach is very accessible and the sand makes it easy to get onto your paddle board. Many people enjoy paddle boarding daily up and down the beach or even doing yoga on top of the boards. Paddle boarding is a fantastic activity to do with your friends and family because you do not need any experience before to be able to do it! It is very quick to learn and if you have a basic level of fitness, then this is a great activity for you to do during your holiday. It is possible to see fish and coral while you paddle board because the water is so clear, therefore you will not miss out on spotting the sea life. ¬†Paddle boarding is environmentally friendly and very good exercise. If you want to maintain a level of exercise during your holiday, then paddle boarding is highly recommended.


Parasailing in Grand Cayman is something you must not miss during your stay. Parasailing is the best way to get a birds-eye view of the whole of Grand Cayman. From the sky, you can see the entire island and appreciate its magnificent beauty. It is also so peaceful soaring through the sky and is the closest thing to flying like a bird. Parasailing in Grand Cayman is one of the safest places you can do parasailing because everything on Grand Cayman is of the highest quality and the customer care is always prioritized. It is recommended to not miss this chance because it is so much fun. Also you can go parasailing with up to three people! It is wonderful to appreciate the beautiful views with friends and family, but even alone it is undoubtedly stunning. Parasailing is a unique experience which requires no previous experience or training, therefore anyone can take part. It is relaxing and the perfect thing to do to relieve yourself from daily stresses. If you have a fear of heights, do not worry, it is very safe and a lot of fun.


Seven Mile Beach has lots of different swimming spots on island. The dive areas here can be easily accessed from the beach and there are no strong sea currents. The water is crystal blue and it is possible to see the fish and coral very clearly. Tropical fish vary from jacks, snappers, lobsters, stingrays and turtles, plus many more. Every time you go into the water you are guaranteed to see a beautiful tropical fish swimming happily in its natural habitat. These areas are marine reserves, making them well looked after and protected from local fishermen. There are not many places in the world where you can swim in beautiful clean, clear blue water, thus making this an amazing experience. These swim areas are easily accessible from the sea, thus making it perfect to take your friends and family. From Seven Mile Beach, you can easily access the Cemetery Reef, the Wreck of the Gamma, the Wreck and the Cali, Cheese Burger Reef and swim from Eden Rock, so there are plenty of locations to chose from. The most convenient thing about swimming at Seven Mile Beach is the easy access to the water, which are also free of charge. Therefore, anyone can enjoy the warm waters at these beautiful areas.

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman is home to clear blue water, snow white sand and is a real-life island paradise. Seven Mile Beach has been continuously voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world due the lack of garbage, tranquility and picturesque views. Seven Mile is a great place to take your family and friends due to the snow white sand and peacefulness. You can build stunning sandcastles here because the consistency of the sand is smooth and easily mold-able. The sand is clean and sometimes you can spot little crabs digging in the sand and they are very cute. Walking along the beach and looking for shells is lots of fun and you can also be surprised with the colorful shells you may fun. Many people enjoy going for jogs along the beach because it is quiet, flat and very peaceful. It is also amazing to see the beautiful architecture along Seven Mile Beach. Much of the new condominiums are new and there are many restaurants and bars along the beach, so there is plenty for you to do with  your friends and/ or family.