George’s Watersports 5-Stop Eco Tour is without a doubt one of the best Stingray City tours in Grand Cayman. It is an excellent tour where you are guaranteed value for your money, superb service and an experience of a life time. This tour is one of the few tours where the number of people on each tour is capped, thus making it a more private and tailored experience. The crew are fun and friendly, therefore always keen to make your tour and holiday a pleasant experience. There is music and refreshments on the boat, which is a welcomed extra when it has been a hot day out at sea. Snorkel gear is also provided, which is very convenient if you have traveled from afar or do not own your own equipment. You can save on having to buy or hire your own equipment if you take this tour.

Safety on this tour is always a priority. The crew is very experienced and the boat is well looked after and always clean. There are life vests included and the crew are always there to offer assistance to people who are not comfortable swimmers. There will not be a time where you worry about the safety, therefore, this tour is ideal for your family and friends.

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Stingray City Sandbar is a site not to be missed. There are very few places in the world where you can swim with wild stingrays safely and in their natural habitat. Historically, the fisherman used to meet there at the end of a fishing trip and feed the left overs from their catch to the wild stingrays. Eventually, the stingrays gathered and made the sand bar their home. Therefore, the sand bar is a natural meeting point of the southern stingray in Grand Cayman. The stingrays are free to leave and are not caged, thus making this a remarkable experience. On the tour you are also given the opportunity to hold, feed and take your picture with the stingrays. The crew is well trained and know how to handle the stingrays in a professional and  safe way.

Snorkeling at the Barrier Reef is some of the best snorkeling in Grand Cayman. The coral is bright and beautiful. It is rare these days to see coral in such beautiful condition. There are countless species of fish at the Barrier Reef and every day is different and you may be surprised in what you see. The spectacle of color is what draws tourists from all over the world to snorkel here. There are plenty of tropical fish like Jacks, Snappers, Sea Urchins and Conchs, plus much more to be seen at the Barrier Reef.

Starfish Point is a fascinating natural phenomenon where wild starfish have gathered. There are many starfish gathered here and it is possible to see the starfish closely. The tour guides at George’s Water Sports are fantastic in explaining how to handle the starfish because the health of the starfish is the most important thing on an eco tour. The water is shallow and you can relax with the starfish while admiring the beautiful scenery of North Sound.

Rum Point is a fabulous beach restaurant and bar where you can taste authentic Caribbean cuisine as well as relax by the beach sipping a refreshing drink or cocktail. Rum Point is a perfect place to have lunch with your friends and family. There are many hammocks and areas to relax. Or if you even fancy it you can go for another swim as there is a designated swimming area. The restroom facilities and gift shop are clean and very well maintained, thus making it an ideal place to take a lunch break.

The Mangrove Forest is a final must see on this 5-Stop Eco Tour. The Mangrove play an essential role in the ecosystem of Grand Cayman and is a nursery for young marine life. You will see plenty of iguanas and if you are lucky different types of birds. It is very peaceful and a great final stop because it is very interesting to learn about how special mangroves are to the environment.

George’s Water Sports is the best tour company to use when you go on holiday to Grand Cayman. No other tour company takes more pride in providing an excellent service, prioritizing customer service and value for money. The friendly and professional attitude of the crew will make you feel relaxed throughout the tour, while educating you on the wild life which you will see. If you have questions about the local culture and other things to do on the island, the crew will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with honest recommendations. The boat is comfortable and exploring the island by boat is an exciting experience not to be missed out on.