Has Anyone Been Stung at Stingray City?

Only a very small number of people have ever been stung at Stingray City.

When you consider that hundreds of thousands of people visit the sandbar every year, it is almost impossible to run into any problems.

If you go with a professional operator, there is virtually no risk. Some articles that you will find online try to portray this as a dangerous activity, but this simply isn’t true. You have to be very reckless to run into any issues with the rays.

Many people worry about the stingrays due to the death of Steve Irwin, also known as the “Crocodile Hunter”. This is not a fair comparison since the type of stingray that killed Steve Irwin is completely different to the type of stingrays at Stingray City. The ray that killed Steve was a “Bull Ray”, which is much larger and more aggressive than the passive “Southern Stingrays” that inhabit the Cayman Islands and Stingray City. It’s like comparing a Nurse Shark and a Great White Shark; one is completely safe, the other is not.

Stingray City Injuries

There are very few injuries at this attraction.

It is extremely unlikely that you would get injured. The safety of the visitors and the stingrays at the Stingray City Sandbar is the primary concern for operators working there.

George’s Watersports is one operator that has a fantastic crew who explain very clearly how to handle the stingrays, how to walk around the sandbar without scaring the stingrays and how to feed the stingrays.

This is all very useful information and is worth knowing before swimming at the sandbar.

The quality of the safety instruction and the friendly nature of the stingrays means that there are very rarely any accidents, thus making it a very safe place to go to and a perfect place to bring friends and your family.

There have been people who have had heart attacks whilst snorkeling in the surrounding area in the past, but these people were very unfit to begin with, and it had nothing to do with the stingrays.

is stingray city dangerous
Picture of Stingray City sandbar in Grand Cayman



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Have you ever wondered what it was like to see stingrays in the open ocean? Have you ever then considered swimming with these beautiful creatures? Stingray City Sandbar in Grand Cayman is the safest opportunity you have to swim with wild southern stingrays in the Caribbean. It is a unique, once in a life time experience and not everyone can say that they have swum with these magnificent creatures. "Is Stingray City dangerous"? "Is Stingray City safe?" are common questions asked by many potential visitors to the Cayman Islands. Short answer is that they are very safe.

The Stingray City Sandbar is found in the North Sound of Grand Cayman. The sandbar is only around 4-foot deep, which means that it is possible to stand in the water while viewing the stingrays. The shallow water is ideal for people who are not comfortable swimming for long periods of time, so you can simply stand and rest at your leisure in the water. The sandbar is sheltered behind the barrier reef and is near land, therefore you have a great view of the island from the sandbar. The water is crystal blue and so clear that you can see the stingrays perfectly from the boat. However, it is very much encouraged to get off the boat and swim or stand in close proximity with the stingrays to get a very close interaction with them.

Stingray City Sandbar is a natural meeting point of southern stingrays. The local fishermen used to meet every day at the end of a long fishing day and throw their leftover fish into the sea, which over time attracted the stingrays which have now settled in the area. This has created the natural Stingray City Sandbar and has made the stingrays very comfortable with humans. The stingrays have been gathering at the sandbar for many years and it is now considered to be their home.  Stingrays have a barb which contains venom, but they only use it if threatened by a predator. The sandbar is protected from the open ocean due to the barrier reef, which means the weather conditions are usually very calm, making it easy to access and a great place to swim.

The southern stingrays are very friendly, docile and graceful creatures. They are enjoy swimming with people and being fed squid. Many tourists visit the stingrays everyday and swim with the stingrays, which makes them used to human contact and at ease with people. It is very safe to swim with the southern stingrays. They are not aggressive or considered to be dangerous animals. They feed on the squid and small fish. They also enjoy burring themselves and sleeping under the sand. Feeling the soft stingrays swim next to you and rub against you is a very different experience and the softness of their touch is extraordinary.

For the people who are nervous swimmers, it is possible to stand in the water because it is so shallow at the sandbar. It is therefore not very strenuous to spend long amounts of time there because you are not swimming for the entire duration of the activity. George’s Water Sports has a wide selection of life vests and floats to assist people in swimming. Therefore, you will always feel relaxed, safe and at ease while being in the water, or staying on the boat for that matter. The crew are very attentive and make sure that you are enjoying the stop seeing the stingrays through out the day, which makes the customer service the best Cayman has to offer. It is possible to take many photographs and videos throughout the experience, which is a fantastic memory and the crew always offer to help in the taking of the photographs.

At the sandbar it is also possible to see different species of fish, birds and sometimes you can find starfish and conch shells. The collection of wildlife here is beautiful and it is a very educational place to visit. This eco tour plays a valuable part to the local economy and helps with raising awareness about the protection of stingrays in the wild, to stop poachers from harming them. Seeing the beautiful stingrays is the best way to experience nature at its fullest and is one of the most amazing spectacles in Grand Cayman. The boat trip and swimming with the stingrays is a lot of fun and a great way to see a different and more unusual side to the island.

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