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There is a lot of nightlife in Grand Cayman. Whether you are looking for a sports bar, a restaurant, or a night club, you will find something that you can enjoy. Drinks are incredibly affordable, and venues range from “local pub” style places where working class residents hang out, to quirky eateries and more glamorous night clubs. Having an idea of what you’re looking for can help you to pick the perfect spot, and avoid a situation where you end up stuck with the crowds.
The top 10 most popular spots in Grand Cayman include the Nectar Bar on the seven mile beach, Minus 5 Cayman in George Town, and Whisky Mist, which again is in George Town; right next to the port.
Nectar Bar is a small, Latin-themed bar and night club that is great for younger, single people. It’s a friendly place and it tends to be booming on a Friday night. Midweek, it is quieter, but still a good night out with a friendly crowd and a DJ that plays a mix of top 40 hits, reggae, salsa and batata. It’s an accessible, working class venue, but it’s a lot of fun.
Minus 5 Cayman is an excellent night club that is ideal for people who want to go somewhere fun to chill out. There is an ice bar, which carries an admission fee, but visitors to the bar will be served two drinks in an ice glass as a part of the fee. The bar is quite small, but that makes it a fun and intimate experience. It’s usually fairly quiet in terms of the number of customers, but the service is friendly and the atmosphere is nice too.
Whisky Mist is a cozy but eclectic venue with friendly and fast service that serves some great food, including a particularly tasty Jerk Chicken. It is a fun place to hang out, and there is live music on most days. When there is no live music, there is a DJ, who plays a good mix of tunes so everyone should enjoy something.
Another great venue is legends on the Seven Mile Beach. This is a nice bar with good service and a big TV, making it good for visits during sporting events. It’s not really a night club as such, but it’s an inexpensive place to start the night, enjoying a few drinks and some good food before moving on to a more music and party themed venue. The convenient location and friendly staff make it a place that is definitely worth visiting.
As you can see, the nightlife in Grand Cayman is second to none. The above are just a few ideas for great place to visit. There are many others, so why not give some a go and see what you enjoy?