Where can you buy or rent snorkel gear in Grand Cayman?

Most people who go to the Cayman Islands on vacation don’t bring their own snorkel equipment.

Snorkeling gear can take up a lot of space in your bags. Many find it easier to rent their snorkel gear once they arrive in Grand Cayman.

Below are my recommendations for the best three shops in Grand Cayman to rent/buy snorkel and dive equipment.


1. Divers Supply:

Divers Supply is probably the best place to rent snorkel gear in Grand Cayman.

They have the largest selection of equipment, such as masks, fins and snorkels. They also have a lot of diving equipment available.

Picture of Divers Supply in Grand Cayman.

If you need to rent some snorkeling equipment for a day or even a week, this is your place.

This is their website: https://www.diverssupply.ky/

Below is a Google Map showing their location:

Divers Supply is located near Seven Mile Beach. It is within a 5 to 10 minute drive from all of the major resorts on Seven Mile Beach. It is within walking distance (2 minutes) from the Marriott hotel.

I recommend renting from this shop not only because they have the largest selection, but because they also have the most central location. For 90% of tourists visiting Grand Cayman, this spot will be closest to your hotel/condo.


2. Divers World

Divers World is also a great choice.

If Divers Supply doesn’t have something that you are looking for, then going to Divers World is the best second option.

Picture of Divers World in Grand Cayman.

Divers World is similar to Divers Supply, however, Divers World has slightly less choice when it comes to snorkeling and dive equipment.

Divers World offers long term rentals; they charge by the day, meaning you can rent snorkeling equipment for the entire duration of your vacation.

This is Divers World’s website: https://www.diversworldcayman.com/

Below is a Google Map showing their location; the star on the below Google map shows the location of Divers World; they didn’t have a typical Google Map listing, meaning this was the best available embed-able map:

Divers World is located in “7 Mile Shops”, which is on West Bay Road, which is the road that runs along Seven Mile Beach.

This is the road that all of the hotels and condos on Seven Mile Beach are located. It is only a 2 minute walk from the Marriott hotel to Divers World.


3. Eden Rock

If you want to do a quick shore snorkel, and you don’t want to rent equipment for a long period of time, then Eden Rock is a great option.

This is a picture of Eden Rock dive shop in George Town, Grand Cayman.

Eden Rock is a dive shop/centre on the waterfront in George Town, Grand Cayman. This is about a 10 minute drive from Seven Mile Beach.

I don’t think Eden Rock offers long term rentals; I think they only offer short-term rentals e.g. by the hour.

This is their website: https://edenrockdivingcenter.com/

Below is a Google Map showing their location:

There is a lot of coral and fish directly off Eden Rock, making this a fun snorkel spot. You don’t need a boat here, since the coral and fish are visible as soon as you enter the water from shore; they have easy-to-use ladders to enter the water.

There are also a lot of restaurants in George Town where you can have lunch after snorkeling.



Divers Supply is the best overall place to rent snorkeling and dive equipment in Grand Cayman.

They offer both short and long term rental options, and they have the widest selection of gear.

If you are doing an excursion, such as a Stingray City tour or bioluminescence tour, then the tour operator will provide snorkel equipment. In this situation, you won’t need to rent any snorkeling gear.