Bioluminescence Snorkel Tour (Grand Cayman 2024)

About Us
George founded "George's Watersports" in September 2014.

Originally, the business was focused on kayak tours, but as time went on, George moved into paddle board rentals and then boat tours.

George then partnered with Mikol in 2018 to help improve operations. Both George & Mikol are from the Cayman Islands, and are focused on providing the best possible experience to their guests.

Video Showing Our Bioluminescence Tour

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Tour Description

We take a boat to the bioluminescent bay (20 minute boat ride).

Once at the Bio Bay, you have the option to snorkel with the bioluminescence.

The visibility of the bioluminescence is 10x better in the water with a mask.

The mask allows you to see thousands of bright sparkles underwater. If you stay on the boat, you will see exactly what is seen on a kayak, it's just significantly better in the water with a mask. The bioluminescence is caused by millions of single-celled plankton called dinoflagellates that give off light when disturbed in the water at night.

  • Water where we snorkel is only 4 feet deep.
  • The water is not cold.
  • There are NO sharks; there has never been a shark attack in Cayman.
  • Bio Bay is calm with no currents or waves.
  • Jellyfish are not a problem because we have full body wet suits, dive gloves and dive shoes. There are few jellyfish in the winter months, but in the summer months, there are more jellyfish due to warmer waters. Even if you were stung by one of these jellyfish, it doesn't hurt and the itchiness only lasts for 5 minutes.

This tour typically departs 15 minutes after the sun sets. It operates year-round, but only for about 2 weeks each month, due to the moon cycle. It is primarily the moon rise/set times that impact bio visibility, not the moon phase.

Tour Details

  • Hotel Pickup Available
  • Tour Departs From Near Seven Mile Beach
  • Small Groups
  • Free Beer, Sodas & Bottled Water
  • Snorkeling Equipment Provided
  • Comfortable Fast Boat
  • Increased Visibility With The Mask
  • $135 USD Per Person
  • Kids Under 12 Are $110 USD
  • Tour Duration is 2 Hours
  • Minimum Age Is 3 Years
  • Maximum Weight Is 275 lbs

What Is The Bio Bay?

The Bio Bay (Bioluminescent Bay) is a man-made bay which was dredged out nearly 30 years ago.

The Bio Bay was created as part of a real estate project; there are private villas on the shore of the bay.

The physical features of the Bio Bay trap the dinoflagellate plankton, which is why there is such a high concentration of these plankton in the bay.

There is a myth that boats and/or snorkeling are bad for the dinoflagellate plankton in the Bio Bay.

There is no evidence to suggest this is the case; there have been boats in the Bio Bay since its inception; all of the homes on the Bio Bay have docks and boats.

The visibility of the bioluminescence is always fluctuating. The factors that determine the visibility of the bioluminescence is the tide level and weather.

Additional Information

Our bioluminescence boat/snorkel tour departs from the Cayman Islands Yacht Club. This is on the west side of Grand Cayman, near Seven Mile Beach. This is NOT the George Town Yacht Club.

We recommend that guests book this tour as early in their vacation as possible; there is a relatively high risk of cancellation due to weather; if you make the reservation at the beginning of your vacation, and the tour is cancelled, then you have more potential to reschedule. Click here to view our cancellation & refund policy.

We aren't able to accommodate cruise ship passengers on this tour because this is a night-time activity, and the cruise ships leave before it gets dark.

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Images Of Our Boat

This is the boat that we use during our bioluminescence snorkel tour.


Our boat’s seating layout.


Twin 250-hp outboard Yamaha engines on our boat.


Swimming With Bioluminescence

Below Is Our Tour Departure Location

Our bioluminescence boat/snorkel tour departs from the Cayman Islands Yacht Club (Dock B). This is on the west side of Grand Cayman, near Seven Mile Beach. This is NOT the George Town Yacht Club.

We also offer pickup by bus from most major hotels/resorts along Seven Mile Beach. If you need us to pick you up, then you can select your pickup location during the check out process on our website.

Can kids do our bioluminescence tour?

Yes, we frequently take kids and families on our bioluminescence snorkel tour. Our minimum age is 3-years. We have kid sized life jackets and snorkels and masks.

How much does our bioluminescence tour cost?

This tour is $135 USD per person. Kids under 12 years are $110 USD. You can read our refund and cancellation policy at the bottom of this page.

What time does our bioluminescence tour depart?

Our bioluminescence tour departs 15 minutes after the sunset. We depart at this time so that it is completely dark when we arrive at the Bio Bay. You can see our exact departure times and dates by clicking the Book Now button on our website.