George's Watersports

About Us
George founded "George's Watersports" in September 2014.

Originally, the business was focused on kayak tours, but as time went on, George moved into paddle board rentals and then boat tours.

George then partnered with Mikol in 2018 to help improve operations. Both George & Mikol are from the Cayman Islands, and are focused on providing the best possible experience to their guests.

1.  5-Stop Stingray Eco Tour

We offer an exciting 5-stop stingray eco tour. This tour takes you to Stingray City, Starfish Point, snorkeling Barrier Reef, Rum Point and the mangrove forest, all in a single tour.

  • Family Friendly
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Unique To Cayman

2.  Early Morning Stingray City Tour

three people at Stingray City sandbar surrounded by stingrays

This tour departs early at 7.30am to ensure that we are the first boat at Stingray City sandbar! Experience more stingrays with no crowds.

  • 2 Hour Duration
  • Small Groups
  • No Crowds

3. Bioluminescence Boat/Snorkel Tour

This is a night tour that operates for 2.5 weeks each month, year long. Snorkel with bioluminescent plankton in Grand Cayman's famous Bio Bay.

  • Night Time Activity
  • For The Adventurous
  • Most Unique

4. Private Boat Charter

Our private boat charter goes to five different locations: Stingray City sandbar, snorkeling at the Barrier Reef, Starfish Point, Rum Point & the mangrove forest. This experience can be customized.

  • Morning Departures
  • Private & Fully Customizable
  • Experienced & Local Guides

5. Paddle Board Rentals

We offer free delivery and pickup. This is a great way to keep family/friends entertained whilst on vacation. No experience is required.

  • Easy To Learn
  • Free Delivery And Pickup
  • Paddles And Life Jackets Included