Paddle Board Rental In Grand Cayman (2021)

About Us
George founded "George's Watersports" in September 2014.

Originally, the business was focused on kayak tours, but as time went on, George moved into paddle board rentals and then boat tours.

Having grown up in the Cayman Islands, George has been involved in watersports for many years, and is focused on providing the best possible experience to his customers.


Video Showing Our Paddle Boards:


Rental Rates

1 day – $95 USD
2 days – $140 USD
3 days – $175 USD
4 days – $199 USD
5 days – $215 USD
6 days – $230 USD
7 days – $245 USD
Additional Days are $35 USD/Day


  • Free Delivery and Pickup
  • Ankle Leashes, Height Adjustable Paddles and Life Jackets Included
  • High Quality, Stable and Light Weight Boards From the USA
  • Free Delivery To Seven Mile Beach
  • We Explain How To Paddle Board If You Have Never Done It Before


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Picture showing one of our stand up paddle boards.


All of our paddle boards come with complimentary life jackets.


All of our paddle boards come with height adjustable paddles.


Do we provide a delivery service for our boards?

Yes, we offer free delivery and pickup for the Seven Mile Beach area in Grand Cayman. If you are not sure if your location is in this area, then you can email us to ask before reserving the board(s).

Do you need experience to rent a paddle board?

No experience is required to rent our paddle boards! Our boards are very stable and easy to use; our staff will also explain how to use them upon delivery.

Where do people keep the boards during a rental?

Our customers keep their boards in their condos overnight. Some keep their boards just outside their condos. Grand Cayman is very safe, meaning there is a very low risk of theft on Seven Mile Beach.