Horse Riding Tours In Grand Cayman

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Explore Cayman’s Beaches On Horseback

Image of a horse riding tour in Grand Cayman.


Below are details regarding the best horse riding tour company in the Cayman Islands. We have hand-picked the best company in Grand Cayman. They offer tours along Barker’s beach; here you ride horses along the white-sand beach and through the warm crystal clear waters. They accommodate tourists vacationing in Grand Cayman. There is an availability form below which when completed, sends directly to the horse riding tour company; they will then respond within 24-hours. We are located about a 10 minute drive North of Seven Mile Beach. This excursion is great for both beginner and advanced guests.

  • Free Transport
  • We Accommodate Hotel, Condo & Cruise Ship Tourists
  • No Horse-Riding Experience Required
  • Professional Tour Guides

Below is a video showing one of our trips:

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Our hand-picked horse riding tour company always responds within 24-hours; if you submit the below availability form and you don’t receive a response from them within 24-hours, you most likely made a mistake and it didn’t send.


Our company works with the very best horse-riding tour company in Grand Cayman. We chose them because of the quality of their staff and the specific beach route they take. If you want to have the best time horseback riding down a Cayman Island beach, you should certainly consider using our company. Our horse riding Grand Cayman tours are the best activity for friends and families. We can provide you with an excellent tour, one that you will always remember. We offer affordable prices, and if you call early enough, we can schedule you in while you are visiting the Cayman Islands. Be sure to contact our business if you would like to experience the best horse riding tour available in the Cayman Islands. If you have never been to the Cayman Islands before, you should plan to stay at least a week. There is so much to do and see. Our company takes you on the most fun horse riding tours Grand Cayman has to offer. Whether you decide to go fishing, swim with stingrays, or experience the bioluminescent organisms in these warm waters, you can do all of that and so much more. Best of all, you can also experience horseback riding in the Cayman Islands through our company, a decision you will not regret. It will make your stay so much more memorable. Consider contacting our business today.

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