Parasailing Grand Cayman (2024) - All You Need To Know


In this article, we review parasailing in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. 


What is parasailing?

Parasailing is a water-based activity where you “fly” 400 feet in the sky as a boat pulls you.

You are attached to a large sail which lifts you into the air as the boat travels across the sea. This is the most exciting way to see Grand Cayman. You are able to see parts of Cayman that you usually would not notice from ground level.

Below is a video showing people parasailing in Grand Cayman:


Where can you parasail in Grand Cayman?

All parasailing in Grand Cayman is done on Seven Mile Beach.

Seven Mile Beach is the main beach in Grand Cayman, and is where 90% of hotels and condos are located. Seven Mile Beach is about a 10 minute drive from the cruise ship port in George Town.

picture of map showing location of Seven Mile Beach on west side of Grand Cayman

The main reason that all parasailing is done along Seven Mile Beach is that it is consistently calm here. Due to the prevailing wind direction, there are usually no waves here, meaning that there are calm conditions for parasailing.

If you are staying at a hotel or condo on Seven Mile Beach, then typically the parasailing company will pick you up by boat directly from your hotel or condo.

Below is a Google Map showing the location of Seven Mile Beach:


Which company should you parasail with?

Before Covid, there were four or five different parasailing companies in Grand Cayman that you could choose from.

However, since the Cayman government closed all tourism from March 2020 to January 2022, virtually all of these parasailing companies have gone out of business permanently.

picture of two people parasailing

It is unclear if any parasailing companies are currently operating in Grand Cayman, but one company to check is Parasailing Professionals.


Can anyone parasail?

Parasailing can be a stressful experience for people that are scared of heights.

If you are scared of heights, and you have existing heart issues, then we don’t recommend that you parasail.

picture of two people parasailing high in the sky

Also, there are weight limits to parasail. For example, you can’t be too light, otherwise you can be blown around in a dangerous fashion, but at the same time, the total weight of the parasailers can’t be over a certain amount either. You can ask the parasailing company that you book with for specific weight requirements.


How much does it cost?

Different companies charge different amounts, but usually it costs around $125 USD per person to parasail.

This will give you about 10 minutes in the sky. It is quite expensive for such a short experience, but it’s a memory that you will never forget.

picture of seven mile beach


Final thoughts

If you are vacationing in Grand Cayman, and you like adventurous experiences, then parasailing is a must do activity.

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