Parasailing Excursion in Grand Cayman

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Excursion Details

Free Seven Mile Beach hotel/condo pickup by boat
Total trip duration 30 to 60 minutes
Air time is 8 to 10 minutes
Flying height of 500 feet


$90 USD – Single
$170 USD – Double
$210 USD – Triple

Have you ever wanted to feel like your flying? Have you ever wanted to sore among the clouds and see beautiful views of Grand Cayman? If your answer is yes, then parasailing is the exhilarating activity for you! There are not many opportunities in life to go parasailing, so it is not an opportunity to miss! This bucket list experience is consistently ranked as a top activity to do.

Parasailing is an activity where you are strapped safely into a harness and there is a large parachute, known as a parasail wing, attached to you and the harness. There is then a long tow rope which connects you and the parachute to a motor boat, which powers forward and the momentum from the boat, then lifts you into the air, high above the sea. Depending on the boat, up to three people can parasail at the same time, therefore allowing you to share the gorgeous views with friends and family.

cayman islands parasailing

Parasailing in Grand Cayman is a once in a life time opportunity. The island is incredibly flat with not many high rise buildings, therefore parasailing is the best way to get a fantastic view of the entire island. From the sky, you can see the entire island (coast to coast) and really appreciate how small it actually is. The landscape of the island is interesting to see and from the height you can also observe any new development of the island. Sometimes you can even see turtles and stingrays, from the sky. The island is so small it also common to be able to spot your hotel or where you are staying for the duration of your trip.

Parasailing is a different experience to sailing, windsurfing or other water sport activities. You cannot compare other sail based activities with parasailing, because when you parasailing you are actually soaring through the air. Grand Cayman is a perfect place to go parasailing due to the high levels of health and safety. Also along Seven Mile Beach, there are not many obstacles and boat traffic, making it an easy and safe place.

From the air, you feel like you are flying. You feel like a bird flying above the trees. This experience is remarkable because it is not a bumpy ride, thus making you feel safe and enjoy the experience. The experience itself is worth the money. It is great trip including a ride on the boat to get to the area where you begin to paraglide and everything is handled with the upmost care and efficiency.

It is understandable if you are afraid of heights and are nervous about going parasailing. However, it is worth considering that Grand Cayman is one of the safest places in the world to do this activity. Grand Cayman prides itself in providing high quality services and caring for its customers, therefore the maintenance of the equipment is assured. The local guides will be able to care for you and attend to your worries. Parasailing is not like sky diving! You are attached to a harness and to a boat throughout the trip! You will not suddenly drop in the air, therefore it is relaxing and safe. Many people use parasailing as an opportunity to overcome their fear of heights, therefore it is something worth doing despite any fears that you may have!

Another great reason why you should go parasailing is that you do not need to train before hand. It is an easy activity to do. All you need to do is book your trip and you will be ready to go! Unlike other parachuting activities, like paragliding or even sky diving, there is a lot of training involved. Therefore, if you have limited time on Grand Cayman, then parasailing is a quick and easy way to see a beautiful view of the island and have a once in a life time experience.

Parasailing is a very relaxing experience, there is minimum noise. Hearing the rush of the wind against your face is a surreal experience, while viewing the entire island. A birds eye view, with the peace and quiet of sailing through the sky is what makes this a top activity to do during you visit to Grand Cayman.

Parasailing at the time of the sunrise or sunset is an outstanding experience. The sky lights up with the different pink, red, purple and orange colors of the sun, casting a beautiful glow all over the island. From the sky you can see the hustle and bustle of Grand Cayman at the time where people are rushing back home from a long day of work or getting ready to go out to enjoy the fun night life of Grand Cayman. Nevertheless, it is always very romantic to watch the sunrise or sunset, but watching it from the sky is truly unforgettable.