When is hurricane season in Grand Cayman?

Hurricane season in Grand Cayman starts on the 1st June and ends on the 30th November. You can monitor hurricane activity by visiting the the National Hurricane Center’s website.


Can you travel to the Cayman Islands during hurricane season?

It is very safe to vacation to the Cayman Islands during hurricane season.

From a statistical viewpoint, the chance that a hurricane arrives during your vacation is extremely small.

Grand Cayman hasn’t been hit by a major hurricane since 2004. On the 11th September 2004, Hurricane Ivan hit Grand Cayman.

This website shows all of the hurricanes that have ever hit the Cayman Islands.


What should you do if a hurricane arrives during your vacation?

Fortunately we can know if a hurricane is going to hit the Cayman Islands multiple days in advance.

If a hurricane is forecasted to hit the Cayman Islands, then you will have around three days notice. You will be able to schedule an early flight out of the Cayman Islands before the hurricane arrives.

picture of the atlantic ocean showing all of the hurricane paths from 2019

If it is only a tropical storm or low-level hurricane (category 1 or 2), then you most likely will be fine staying in the Cayman Islands during the hurricane. There are many hurricane shelters, and the large hotels can easily withstand the winds.


What can you do to avoid a ruined vacation?

You can buy travel & flight insurance so that you have the ability to cancel your vacation & flights if there is an approaching hurricane.

Although the chance of a hurricane occurring during your vacation is very small, having the ability to cancel your trip and to still be refunded is a good idea.


Final thoughts

The Cayman Islands has the occasional hurricane, but they are very rare.

The last time that a major hurricane hit Grand Cayman was in 2004. It is statistically improbable that there will be a hurricane during your vacation to the Cayman Islands.

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