Does Grand Cayman have Uber or Lyft?

Short Answer:

Grand Cayman does not have Uber or Lyft.

The Cayman Islands government has banned both ride-sharing services in order to protect the local taxi community.


This is a picture showing taxis at the airport in Grand Cayman.

Long Answer:

Virtually everyone in the Cayman Islands wants Uber/Lyft.

However, the Cayman Islands government banned both services in order to protect the local taxis.

There is a large local voter base among the taxi drivers, meaning that the government doesn’t want to do anything that could compromise this.

There is a company in Grand Cayman called “Flex“, which is supposed to be a ride-sharing service like Uber/Lyft. Flex doesn’t appear to be operational (probably due to government regulation), and even if they are, they wouldn’t have enough drivers to make it a viable transport option.



There doesn’t seem to be any movement in the direction of allowing Uber/Lyft in the Cayman Islands. For now, using local taxis is the only solution for people who aren’t renting their own vehicle. This article talks about renting a car in Grand Cayman.

The local taxis in Grand Cayman are expensive, meaning that renting a car is usually the most cost-effective option for tourists.

The roads in Grand Cayman are relatively easy to drive on, since they have low speed limits compared to countries like the US.

If you are staying in a hotel or condo along Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, then you might be within walking distance of shops/restaurants. There are also public buses that go along the main Seven Mile Beach road.

All hotels in Grand Cayman have a concierge service that can call taxis/cabs for you if needed.


There doesn’t seem to be any sign of Uber or Lyft being available in Grand Cayman in the short-term.

Services like “Flex” haven’t gained any traction and don’t appear to even be operational.

If you aren’t renting a car as a tourist in Grand Cayman, then using local taxis is the only option you have. There are lots of taxis at the airport in Grand Cayman.