Eden Rock Snorkel Review (Grand Cayman 2024)


In this article, we review Eden Rock in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. This is a great spot to snorkel and scuba dive.


Where is Eden Rock located?

Eden Rock is located on the George Town waterfront, in Grand Cayman.

image of map showing location of eden rock

It is only a 5 minute walk south from the cruise ship port. If you are a tourist staying in a hotel or condo, then you can drive to Eden Rock.

Below is a Google Map showing Eden Rock’s exact location:


Is the snorkeling good at Eden Rock?

Yes, the snorkeling is good at Eden Rock.

There are lots of tarpon in the nearby area. Tarpon are a type of large silver fish that are found throughout the Cayman Islands, but tend to congregate at Eden Rock.

image of three tarpon together

There is also a lot of coral which means that you will see a wide variety of marine life.


Can you snorkel from shore?

Yes, you can snorkel from shore at Eden Rock.

There is a ladder that you can use to enter and exit the water safely.

You will immediately see lots of coral and fish as you enter the water from shore. You don’t need a boat to snorkel here because you don’t need to swim far offshore.

Below is a video that shows how to enter the water at Eden Rock:


Can beginners snorkel here?

Yes, beginners can snorkel here.

Entering and exiting the water is relatively easy since there is a ladder.

We recommend that you always snorkel with at least one other person, so that if something goes wrong, you have someone to help you.

picture of two scuba divers entering water

Also, you should always use a floating buoy when you snorkel, so that boats in the surrounding area can see you in the water.

If you don’t have your own snorkel gear, then you can most likely rent it from Eden Rock Dive Center. You can check out our article where we discuss the best places to rent snorkel gear in Grand Cayman.


How deep is the water?

When you initially enter the water from the ladder, the water is only 3 to 4 feet deep.

However, as you swim further out, the sea-floor gradually slopes downwards to become deeper. Then, there is an underwater cliff that drops 40-feet to a sandy bottom.

picture of a woman diving about 10 feet underwater

In general, it’s too deep to stand, and even if you could stand, you shouldn’t because you could damage the coral. If you are not a strong swimmer, then you should use a life jacket or any floating device.


Is there an entrance fee?

There is no entrance fee.

It is free to enter the water and snorkel at Eden Rock. If you don’t have your own snorkel equipment, then you can rent snorkel gear from Eden Rock Dive Center.

picture of ladder going into the sea

If you like to scuba dive, then you can pay Eden Rock Dive Center to rent their dive equipment. They also offer scuba diving lessons and trips.


Is there free parking?

Yes, there is free parking.

There isn’t a huge amount of parking at Eden Rock Dive Center, meaning that if it is busy, then you potentially will need to park somewhere else across the street and then walk 30-seconds to Eden Rock.

picture of the eden rock building


Final thoughts

This is a fun snorkel spot for people of all experience levels. You will most likely see a lot of tarpon whilst snorkeling here.

Eden Rock is convenient for cruise ship passengers since it is only a 5-minute walk from the cruise ship port in George Town, Grand Cayman.

The best snorkeling in Grand Cayman is at the “Aquarium”, which is a snorkel spot near the Barrier Reef. You can learn more about the “Aquarium” by reading our article where we discuss the top 25 snorkel spots in Grand Cayman.