Rum Point Grand Cayman (2024) - All You Need To Know


In this article, we review Rum Point in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. 


What is Rum Point?

Rum Point is a beach in Grand Cayman.

Rum Point also has a restaurant, bar, souvenir shop and public restrooms.

This is a popular spot for both tourists and locals. Many people enjoy spending the day relaxing here with friends and family. Rum Point is famous for their rum-infused mudslide drinks.

picture of a mudslide drink on a table with sea in background


Where is Rum Point located?

Rum Point is located on the north-side of Grand Cayman.

picture of a map showing rum point on the north side of Grand Cayman

It is a one hour drive from Seven Mile Beach to Rum Point. It is a 50-minute drive from the cruise ship port in George Town to Rum Point.

Below is a Google Map showing the exact location of Rum Point:


What is there to do in Rum Point?

Rum Point has hammocks between coconut trees that you can relax in.

There is also a watersports company that rents jet skis and kayaks from Rum Point beach.

picture of a hammock between two trees on the beach with the sea in the background

There is a nice restaurant and bar that you can buy food and drinks from. There is also a souvenir shop where you can buy gifts and t-shirts.

Rum Point is only a 5-minute drive from Starfish Point, so if you drive to Rum Point, then you can also drive to Starfish Point.


Can you snorkel at Rum Point?

Technically you can snorkel at Rum Point, but there is nothing to see.

There is no coral or fish at Rum Point, meaning that this isn’t a good snorkel spot.

picture of signs at rum point with dock and sea in background

If you want to snorkel, then we recommend that you snorkel at the Barrier Reef. The Barrier Reef is about half-a-mile offshore from Rum Point, and can only be reached by boat.

George’s Watersports is a tour company in Grand Cayman that offers a “4-stop stingray eco tour” that includes snorkeling at the Barrier Reef as one of the stops.

The below video shows snorkeling at the Barrier Reef during this “4-stop stingray eco tour”:


How do you get to Rum Point?

You can either take a boat to Rum Point, or you can drive.

The best way to get there is to take a boat, since it is much faster and more fun.

picture of a boat in the sea

If you are staying on the west-side of Grand Cayman near Seven Mile Beach, then it will take only 20-minutes by boat to reach Rum Point. However, if you choose to drive, then it will take about an hour.


Is Rum Point worth visiting?

The answer depends on how long you are in Grand Cayman for.

If you are a cruise ship passenger, and you only have a few hours on island, then Rum Point is not worth visiting because there are more exciting things to do, such as Stingray City.

picture of people eating lunch at rum point

If you are visiting Grand Cayman for a week or more, then Rum Point is definitely worth visiting.


When is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Rum Point is during a week day (Monday to Friday) from 10am to 4pm.

Rum Point can become very crowded on the weekends with locals. On Sundays, dozens of boats anchor off of Rum Point. These boats play very loud music and contain a lot of people. It is best to avoid Rum Point on Sunday if possible.

aerial image showing 15 boats and people at rum point


Is there an entrance fee?

There is no entrance fee at Rum Point.

Anyone can enter for free. All beaches in the Cayman Islands have free public access by law.

picture of dock at rum point

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Is there free parking?

Yes, there is lots of free parking at Rum Point.

The only time that you may have issues finding a parking spot is if you visit on a Sunday, since Sundays are more busy compared to the other days of the week.

picture of parking lot


What is Rum Point?

Rum Point is a beach in Grand Cayman. There is also a restaurant and bar located at Rum Point.

Is Rum Point good for families with kids?

Yes, Rum Point is a great place to spend the day relaxing with your family. Rum Point is family friendly, with activities to keep your kids entertained.

How do you get to Rum Point Grand Cayman?

The best way to get to Rum Point is to take a boat.


Final thoughts

If you are vacationing in Grand Cayman for a week or more, and you have a lot of spare time, then Rum Point is definitely worth visiting.

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