Spotts Beach Grand Cayman


Spotts Beach is located on Shamrock Road, Grand Cayman.

It is about a 10 minute drive from South Sound. It is a 15 minute drive from George Town and up to 30 minutes from West Bay and Seven Mile Beach.

Map of Spotts Beach

Spotts Beach Grand Cayman snorkeling is some of the best on island.

Spotts Beach is famous for the high number of wild turtles. It is very common to see green sea turtles swimming through the shallow waters as you snorkel here.

The snorkeling level here is medium to high, meaning that it’s not recommend for beginners to attempt this.

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It is possible to hire a car and drive yourself to this beach. Or one can take a local bus and the bus will be able to drop you off at the bus. To take the bus from West Bay, you will need to change bus at George Town central bus station, so this will in total cost $5 USD.

Below Is A Video Of Spotts Beach:

An alternative option is to take a taxi, however, the local taxis are very expensive and depending where from you take the taxi will determine how much it costs. The local bus or renting a car are the most popular ways of arriving at Spotts Beach.

Many people wish to visit this beach, despite it being relatively far away from West Bay because of its remote location.

This beach is quieter than Seven Mile Beach which makes it incredibly peaceful. This page shows a lot of different properties and real estate on Seven Mile Beach. There are many trees at the beach and picnic benches which means there is enough shade for you to escape the heat and sun. Make sure that you bring your own sunscreen, towels, enough drinks and snacks for you and your family. It is not possible to buy drinks and snacks at this beach so you need to be prepared for your visit.

Spott's beach is the best beach on the island to snorkel with many wild sea turtles. It is possible to see the sea turtle gently grazing on the sea grass. They gracefully glide through the sea and are very friendly towards snorkelers. Therefore, you do not need to worry of them being aggressive because of their tame nature. However, do not touch the turtles because they are wild animals, just enjoy watching them in their natural habitat. It is not necessary to have dive equipment to see the wild turtles. Therefore, many people bring their own snorkel and masks and swim from the beach directly in front of them. Then after about 20 meters, you will be able to see many turtles.

Other than the sea turtles, you can see lots of different kinds of tropical fish. Parrot fish, snappers and different species of jacks. In recent years, many lion fish have been spotted along this beach. Lion fish are an invasive species of fish to the island, so you may see people with licences hunting this type of fish in order to help protect the native species and the local environment. Occasionally, you may spot a flounder if you look closely at the sandy sea floor or a stingray.

When you snorkel here, be wary of a strong current. This beach sometimes has rough water and very strong currents which you cannot sea from the shore. Therefore, if you are not a strong swimmer bring a flotation device in case you need a rest. Everyone should pace themselves and know their own swimming limits while attempting this snorkel.