Seven Mile Beach Snorkeling Guide

Picture of Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman

It is possible to go snorkeling along Seven Mile Beach because all you need is your snorkel and mask and then you can easily access the water anywhere along the beach. Seven Mile Beach is renowned for its snow white soft sand and turquoise blue water. It is a very safe beach with low crime and the tends to be very calm with not a strong current, therefore making it an easy beach to swim at. Every day you can see many people doing their daily swim up and down Seven Mile Beach for their workout to keep fit and healthy.

If you are a complete beginner, then you are better off doing a guided trip, since it could be dangerous snorkeling by yourself without any experience. Click the "Continue" button below to be taken to a page showing the best snorkeling trip in Grand Cayman:


Only some specific areas really offer great snorkeling. So, it is best to go to these areas to avoid disappointment or aimlessly swimming and not seeing very much, considering some places have more to offer compared to others. Top places to snorkel along Seven Mile Beach include, the wreck of the Gamma, the Cemetery Reef, the reef at Governors Beach and there are nice places to snorkel off Boggy Sand Road near West Bay. All snorkeling along Seven Mile Beach is free due to public and free beach access.

The wreck of the Gamma is located near Georgetown by Captains Bakery. This ship wreck is at one quiet end of Seven Mile Beach, despite its close-proximity to George Town. The beach here is sheltered and more private because of the residents who live there, but this means there are less tourists which makes snorkeling here nice and exclusive. It is also a fantastic place to snorkel due to the easy access to the ship wreck. It is a 5-minute snorkel to the wreck and you can see it from the shore. There is a huge variety of fish and this wreck is suitable for people to snorkel even if they are beginners and do not have much experience. It is a great opportunity to snorkel here because it is not common to find such a well-preserved ship wreck so close to the shore and easy to get to. Therefore, it is recommended to check it out while you have the opportunity.

Cemetery Reef is located at Cemetery Public beach. This is another very popular reed due to the beautiful location. This public beach is at a very tranquil and pretty part of Seven Mile Beach. It is also quiet at this beach and very often there are not many people at the beach, thus making it feel more quirt and exclusive. It is always amazing to feel like you have the beach to yourself and not be surrounded by lots of people, large crowds on beaches can be very often overwhelming for many visitors. Cemetery reef is about 30 yards away from the shore, therefore it is quite a distance from the beach. If you are confident swimmer it is a great snorkel trip because the reef itself is stunning and in very good, healthy condition. The fish here are brightly colored and there is no shortage of different species. You can swim straight out from the beach to the reef and you can often see other snorkelers there, thus making it clear to see where the reef is. But if you look carefully you can see that the sea is a darker shade of blue where the reef is, thus marking its location. If you are not a great swimmer, it is recommended to bring a flotation device in case you get tired and need to rest while you are snorkeling.

Governors Public Beach is another great part of the beach to snorkel at. Like at Cemetery Public Beach, you have-to swim about 30 yards away from the beach to reach the coral heads and see the reef. However, the reef here too is in very healthy condition and is one of the most popular beaches among residents of the island. There are lots of beautiful sea grape trees at this beach, which provide shade but there are no cabanas. Therefore, it is recommended to bring lots of water and sunscreen for this snorkel trip.

Snorkeling along Boggy Sand Road is a well-kept secret of Grand Cayman. There are lots of small coral heads to be seen snorkeling along this area of Seven Mile Beach and it is often very quiet here. It is possible to see jacks, snappers, sergeant majors, parrot fish and angel fish, thus making it a very beautiful and relaxing place to snorkel. This side of Seven Mile Beach is more local, so it is very peaceful to snorkel here and avoid the crowds of other areas of Seven Mile Beach.

It is recommended to purchase your own snorkel equipment to take advantage of all these different snorkeling areas along Seven Mile Beach. These areas are quiet and there are no places where you can rent equipment easily when you arrive. So, bring your own equipment, water and food!

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