Wreck Of The Gamma In Grand Cayman

All You Need To Know About Snorkeling The Wreck Of The Gamma In Grand Cayman

The “Wreck of the Gamma” is one of the best snorkel spots in Grand Cayman that most people don’t know about.

It is a hidden treasure of the Cayman Islands and very easy to access. It is located near George Town on the very southern end of Seven Mile Beach.

You can park on the vacant lot opposite “Poinsettia” condo complex, and then walk to the beach through the public access through the parking lot to reach the beach. The ship wreck is right off the beach. Do NOT park in the Poinsettia complex parking lot since this is private parking reserved for residents only.

From the beach, you can see the wreck because it is half submerged and the other half sticking out of the water. The wreck is about 12 feet away from the shore and it is a very short swim. The only issue with this snorkel spot is that entering the water can be a little difficult since there is “iron-shore” and no easy way directly into the water. You can still enter the water here, it’s just not as straight forward as most people think.

Video Showing Wreck of the Gamma:

It is convenient to be able to easily snorkel this wreck because it is not a strenuous swim.

For people who hope to snorkel a wreck and experience swimming through a ship wreck, but are too nervous to swim in open water, then this is the perfect wreck for you.

There are not many ship wrecks in the Cayman Islands and this is the only one so close to shore, thus making it very unique in that sense.

where is this shipwreck?
Map showing location of Wreck of the Gamma

If you are a complete beginner, then you are better off doing a guided trip, since it could be dangerous snorkeling by yourself without any experience. Click the "Continue" button below to be taken to a page showing our popular "3-stop shipwreck snorkel tour" in Grand Cayman:




Another perk of snorkeling here, is that it is never overcrowded. This area of Seven Mile Beach is away from the tourist traps Royal Palms and Calico Jacks, thus making it a bit more private. The wreck of the Gamma is near residential property, so you need to remember to be respective of where the people live and not be too noisy or disruptive, but this means that the beach is clean and well cared for. The water surrounding the wreck of the Gamma is very clean. You do not need to worry about pollution or garbage floating in the water, therefore it is a great experience. The water is also crystal clear so you can see everything perfectly from snorkeling and you do not need to dive. The wreck is very shallow, which means it is very easy to get close to the ship and see everything. This is a huge advantage over snorkeling the wreck of the Cali because the wreck of the Cali is much deeper, so it is easier to see everything if you snorkel the wreck of the Gamma. The wreck itself is also not as spread out compared to the wreck of the Cali. The wreck of the Gamma is still pretty well in tack, meaning that you can see the main hull of the ship, which is very interesting because you can get a great sense of the size of the ship before it crashed.

The clarity of the water makes it so easy to see all the marine life. It is a very enjoyable experience to snorkel here at a slow pace because the water is so clean you do not need to worry about anything. There are so many fish here to be seen that it is very surprising, considering how close the wreck is to the shore. If you snorkel here at any time of the day you are guaranteed to see a huge variety of different kinds of tropical fish, mainly jacks, snappers, parrot fish and butterfly fish. The fish are not aggressive and are used to seeing snorkelers. However, they may hind within or under the wreck when they notice you. But you can still see them, despite them hiding due to the sheer amount of all of them. If you snorkel right before sunset, it is possible to sometimes see very large parrot fish. This is spectacular and is definitely the best time of day to snorkel the wreck of the Gamma, so you have a chance of seeing these magnificent fish. Aside from large parrot fish, stingrays and turtles have been spotted here. Some snorkelers have even seen spotted eagle rays at this end of Seven Mile Beach and the spotted eagle ray is one of the most beautiful kinds of ray. Sometimes they jump out the water and soar, which is a breath taking thing to witness. Many people have also seen flounders here, but you have to look carefully because they are camouflaged within the sand. Also sometimes under the wreck, you can see Caribbean lobsters hiding underneath the ship. The Caribbean lobsters have two antennae instead of claws, so you can spot them from under the ship if you look to see the long antenna.

The final perk of this snorkel spot is that it is next to the local Captain’s Bakery which is very popular among residents of the island and you can try local Caribbean cuisine while you are there, which should not be missed.