The 15 Best Stingray City Tours In Grand Cayman (2022)


In this article, we review the top 15 Stingray City tours in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. This article will help you decide which company to book with.


1. George’s Watersports – 5-Stop Stingray Eco Tour

George’s Watersports offers a unique 5-stop stingray eco tour that goes to the following five locations, all in one tour:

– Stingray City sandbar
– Snorkeling at the Barrier Reef
– Starfish Point
– Rum Point
– Mangrove forest

This tour is great because you experience Stingray City, but also so much more. This is a must do tour whilst vacationing in Grand Cayman! This tour takes small groups, allowing for a less crowded experience.

Below is a video showing this 5-stop stingray eco tour:

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2. George’s Watersports – Early Morning Stingray City Tour

three people standing with stingrays at the sandbar

This tour departs very early in the morning, meaning that when you arrive at Stingray City sandbar, you are the first boat there.

This is important because if you depart later in the day, then it can become very crowded, and there are less stingrays per boat.

If you are the first boat, then you will have 20 to 30 stingrays converge at your boat at the same time. If you arrive later when there are lots of boats, then you may only have 2 to 3 stingrays at your boat. This is a small group tour.

Below is a video showing this early morning Stingray City tour:

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3. Captain Marvin’s – 2-Stop Stingray & Snorkel Tour

picture of stingrays underwater

This tour has two stops: Stingray City sandbar and one snorkel spot (either Coral Gardens or the Barrier Reef).

The positive aspect of this tour is that it is slightly cheaper than other similar tours. However, group sizes can be relatively large with the potential for crowds.

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4. Moby Dick Tours – Stingray & Snorkel Tour

Picture of man holding a stingray

This tour is similar to number three above. It is two stops, going to both Stingray City sandbar and then snorkeling at the Barrier Reef.

This tour is usually occupied with cruise ship passengers, meaning that it is more likely to be crowded compared to other companies that take smaller groups. However, this tour could be a good choice if you are visiting Grand Cayman on a cruise as it will likely depart at a time that is receptive to cruise schedules.

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5. Frank’s Watersports – Stingray City Tour

image of women holding a stingray

Frank’s Watersports offers a 2.5 hour long Stingray City tour.

This tour can accommodate both cruise ship and hotel guests. This company has been operating for over 40 years, so they have a lot of experience in the industry.

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6. Crazy Crab – Stingray City Private Charter

Crazy Crab is a company in Grand Cayman that offers private Stingray City tours.

This is a nice option for small groups that want a more exclusive experience. Private Stingray tours might be too expensive for most people, but it is still a great option for certain groups or occasions.

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7. Ebanks Watersports – Jet Ski Stingray & Snorkel Tour

Picture of people and jet skis at Stingray City sandbar

This 2.5 hour tour is designed for people who like adventure. You take a jet ski to Stingray City sandbar and also to the Barrier Reef to snorkel.

This tour has a much higher chance of cancellation if the weather is rough, compared to regular Stingray City tours that operate on larger boats. Also, if you have back problems, then this tour is not a good idea.

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8. Get Bent Charters – Private Stingray Tour

picture of boats at Stingray City sandbar

“Get Bent Charters” offers private Stingray City tours.

They can accommodate up to 12 guests on their boat. Typical length of their charters are between 4 to 6 hours. You can also add snorkeling to this trip.

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9. Fat Fish Adventures – Jet Ski Stingray, Snorkel & Mangrove Tour 

picture of a jet ski on a beach

Fat Fish Adventures offers this three stop tour that goes to Stingray City sandbar, snorkeling at the Barrier Reef, and the mangroves.

This is a great excursion for thrill seekers, but this tour is not recommended for people that have back issues or disabilities. Also, there is a much higher chance of cancellation since this tour operates with jet skis, which cannot handle rough waves, meaning that if it is too windy (too rough), then the tour will be cancelled.

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10. White Sand Watersports – Stingray & Snorkel Tour

picture of white sand watersport's boat in the sea

White Sand Watersports offers a 2-stop tour that goes to both Stingray City sandbar and snorkeling at the Barrier Reef.

They usually have multiple different departure times each day, and have an experienced and friendly crew. Their boat is relatively large, meaning that it is spacious and can handle the waves well.

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11. Cobalt Custom Charters – Exclusive Stingray City Charter

picture of boat

Cobalt Custom Charters specialises in offering private tours to Stingray City in Grand Cayman.

Their boat is 26 feet in length, which is perfect for groups of 5 to 8 people. Since they offer private tours, you can customise your experience, by adding other stops to the trip such as snorkeling or Starfish Point.

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12. Red Sail Sports – Catamaran Stingray Tour

catamaran boat at Stingray City

Red Sail Sports offers a unique tour that goes to Stingray City sandbar using a “catamaran” sail boat.

Catamarans are very spacious, however, they are quite slow, so you end up spending more time getting to the destination, than actually being at the destination.

This tour takes about 40 people per trip, so it isn’t the best option for people that are looking for a small group excursion.

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13. Cayman Turtle Divers – Dive At “Deep” Stingray City

woman scuba diving with stingray

Technically there are two different Stingray Cities.

There is the regular “Stingray City sandbar”, which is the main location that 99% of people go to. This is a shallow sandbar in the sea which you can stand at, since the water is only 2 to 3 feet deep.

Then there is the “Deep Stingray City”, which is about a mile away from the sandbar, and is about 12 feet in depth, meaning that you cannot stand there. Cayman Turtle Divers does a scuba diving tour to the “Deep Stingray City”. You can feed and dive with the stingrays underwater. This adventure is only for people who are certified scuba divers. If you want to simply snorkel, then it’s better to book a regular “Stingray City sandbar” tour, as most of those tours include a snorkel stop at the Barrier Reef.

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14. Crystal Charters – Private Stingray City Charter

boat on water

Crystal Charters has multiple different boats that you can hire to go to Stingray City sandbar on.

Their crew is experienced and professional. This company is a good choice for small groups who want to avoid the crowds.

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15. The Sweet Spot – Guided Jet Ski Stingray Tour

two people on a jet ski at Stingray City

“The Sweet Spot” is a tour company that operates from the Kaibo area in Grand Cayman. If you are a tourist staying on the East side of Grand Cayman, then this may be a more convenient location for you (compared to driving to the west side of the island).

This tour takes you to both Stingray City sandbar and snorkeling at the Barrier Reef, via jet ski. This is a guided tour, meaning that you will have an experienced tour guide to lead you throughout.

This tour is not recommended for people with back problems or disabilities.

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How much does it cost to go to Stingray City in Grand Cayman?

The cost can vary between $60 USD per person to $150 USD per person. It depends on the tour company that you go with, and what type of tour you do.

Is Stingray City suitable for kids?

Stingray City is fine for kids that are 3 years or older. If you have kids that are under 3 years, then it is probably too hot and rough for them.

How many people go to Stingray City a day?

It depends on the time of year. In the busy months, there can be over two-thousand people going to Stingray City in a single day. In the slower months, it may only be a few hundred people each day.


Final Thoughts

There are many companies that you can choose to go to Stingray City with.

All of the companies on this list are great choices, but the best overall experience is the “5-Stop Stingray Eco Tour” by “George’s Watersports“. This 5-stop tour shows you the best parts of Grand Cayman, all in a single tour, giving you more value for your money.